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4 Ways Your Car Tires Can Help You Curb High Gas Costs

4 Ways Your Car Tires Can Help You Curb High Gas Costs

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In BC, gas prices are rapidly on the rise, with some parts of the Lower Mainland at 209.9/L for regular fuel and 216.9/L for diesel (and increasing regularly). While there are little things you can do on each drive to slightly reduce your use of fuel (ie: turn off the AC, try not to floor it when the light turns green), there are other tire maintenance tips that you can try that will make a difference, too. Here are just 4 ways your tires can help you curb those crazy gas costs as the price at the pump continues to rise.

1) Consider fuel-efficient tires. According to this consumer report, low-rolling-resistance tires can save you money by improving grip and reducing fuel consumption. According to this report, “Industry studies show that a 10 percent drop in rolling resistance equates to about a 1 percent improvement in fuel economy.” This might not seem like much, but with gas prices doubling, it can definitely add up.

2) Keep your tires properly aligned. When your tires aren’t properly aligned, they can drag when you drive, using up more fuel. Having them checked regularly for alignment is a quick and easy way to ensure your tires are working efficiently.

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3) Keep your tires properly inflated. You can improve your gas mileage by up to 3% just by maintaining proper tire pressure. Ideally, you should be checking your tire inflation once a month. Your tire pressure can vary significantly as a result of weather temperatures, and that variance can increase wear and tear on your tires.

4) Listen to load capacity. Tires have a load capacity (the maximum weight a tire is designed to carry). Exceeding that load capacity can decrease the lifespan of your tires and increase your fuel consumption. If you’re carrying a larger load, be sure your vehicle is equipped with the right tires to do so!

And of course, taking transit, cycling, or walking are great ways to save money as the pump prices increase and the weather warms. For more great tire tips, be sure to check out our News & Updates section, and if you have old tires to toss, don’t forget to recycle them at a location near you.

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