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Why Tire Recycled Products Are The Way Forward

Why Tire Recycled Products Are The Way Forward

Using recycled rubber in a variety of products has become a popular choice for reasons such as safety and accessibility and in many cases, it replaces a less environmentally friendly alternative. We are so proud that these products are produced and available right here in BC.

The examples below demonstrate just how versatile recycled rubber can be:

  • Playground safety surfacing – many communities are moving from the traditional pea gravel and wood chips to recycled rubber surfaces, choosing either pour-in-place or tile applications.
  • Recreational flooring – examples of this type of flooring can be found in ice skating arenas, fitness rooms and high traffic areas. Home gym mats have also become a popular choice and you can buy them direct from the manufacturer, North West Rubber based in Abbotsford.
  • Truck bed liners – another product made by North West Rubber is truck bed liners. Their “Black Armour” line of products can also be bought direct.
  • Animal mats – for comfort from the ground up, these mats are used in cow and horse barns and trailers.
  • Coloured landscaping mulch – this is a new product being made in BC that is becoming popular across North America as a replacement for wood mulch and chips.

Every year, the equivalent of over 5 million scrap car tires are recycled into new products.

The benefits of recycled rubber vs. other materials:

  • Accessibility – for playgrounds, the traditional surfacing of wood chips or pea gravel limits access for those with physical disabilities. Using recycled rubber for pour-in-place or tiled surfaces, makes playgrounds become fully accessible allowing people of all ages and abilities to experience the joy of physical activity. For sports fields, using artificial turf means they become all-weather fields opening them up for all types of play.
  • Safety – fall height standards are set by The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) for playground surfaces to reduce the risk of personal injury due to falls from playground equipment. Rubber pour-in-place and tile surfaces are designed to meet or exceed CSA standards.
  • Maintenance – in the case of mulch for landscaping, maintenance is reduced as coloured rubber mulch, unlike wood chips, will not fade or blow away.
  • Environmental – reduced water consumption and pesticide usage are key benefits of using recycled rubber in landscaping applications.

Sourcing locally makes sense for many reasons:

  • Reduces the carbon footprint by avoiding GHG emissions in transportation and new production.
  • Supports local recycling.
  • Creates jobs locally.
  • Aligns with the government’s green procurement policy.
  • May qualify for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits.
  • May qualify for a Community Grant from Tire Stewardship BC.

Planning a project? Encourage your designer, contractor or installer to use recycled rubber. Visit Our Partners for links to our industry stakeholders.