Scrap Tire Pick Up Program - Tire Stewardship BC

Scrap Tire Pick Up Program


For registered participants please call the scrap tire pick up number and have your TSBC registration number, company name and address ready.


Email your request for scrap tire pick up. You must include your registration number, company name, location, quantity of tires and phone number.

April 29 2024: Scrap Tire Notice For All Tire Retailers and Generators

The Rules

For registered retailers and generators, scrap tire pick up is free under the following conditions:

  1. You have a minimum of 50 scrap tires, clean and off rims, for pick up; and
  2. You make the scrap tires readily accessible, meaning the storage location is clear of any obstructions and/or debris, allowing the tires to be directly loaded onto the Hauler’s truck.

Retailers and Generators who desire a higher standard of service than the norm should expect to pay additional service fees to cover the added expense incurred by Haulers and/or investigate their options for the best combination of rates and service.

If you are a transfer station please read the following guidelines regarding pick up at your location.

One-Time Property Clean Up

If you are a member of the public and require a one time property clean up and have 50 or more tires, please email us with your request including the location, quantity and type of tires and someone from our office will call you.

Please note, rims are not part of the program and not all tires are part of the program. As such, fees may apply. Please see the Schedule A for more details on program tires.

Looking to recycle a few tires?