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Read our 2019 Annual Report and learn more about our activities in 2019 and our key initiatives for 2020

About us


In British Columbia, Industry-led Product Stewardship is a government strategy to place the responsibility for end of life product management on the producer and consumers of a product and not the general taxpayer or local government. In March 2006 the BC Ministry of Environment added tires to the Recycling Regulation.

Tire Stewardship BC, a not for profit society, formed to accept responsibility for the provincial scrap tire recycling program, and on January 01 2007 TSBC launched the new scrap tire recycling program replacing the government-run program that had been in place since 1991.

The history of the Stewardship Plan submissions and approvals is as follows:

  1. Stewardship Plan and Ministry approval (2006)
  2. Stewardship plan renewal and Ministry approval (2013)
  3. Stewardship Plan approval (2018)

TSBC Association Board of Directors

The Tire Stewardship BC Association was founded by the Rubber Association of Canada, The Retail Council of Canada and the Western Canada Tire Dealers. In 2007 the New Car Dealers Association joined the Association. TSBC is governed by a Board that is made up of representatives from these four organizations. The current members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Glenn Maidment - Tire & Rubber Association of Canada
  • Mark Endersby - Western Canada Tire Dealers Association
  • Norm Schmidt - Western Canada Tire Dealers Association
  • Tim Hollett - Western Canada Tire Dealers Association
  • Ken Rees - Retail Council of Canada
  • Glen Ringdal - (TSBC Board Chair) - New Car Dealers Association
  • Adrian Courtenay - Tire & Rubber Association of Canada

Advisory Committee

The advisory committee is made up of a variety of stakeholders that represent a broad spectrum of sectors that participate in or are affected by the TSBC program. The role of the members is to provide advice to TSBC on program policy and operations. The committee meets on an annual basis.

Annual Report

Section 8 of the Recycling Regulation requires TSBC to submit an annual report to the director by July 1st each year and to post a copy of the report on the program website.

TSBC is pleased to present its annual reports for:

Previous years:

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