Grant Program: Playground Upgrade at Simon Fraser Elementary

Grant Program Project: Recycled Tires Used To Create New Accessible Playground at Simon Fraser Elementary School

Grant Program Project: Recycled Tires Used To Create New Accessible Playground at Simon Fraser Elementary School

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Simon Fraser Elementary School in Vancouver was a proud recipient of the TSBC Community Grant Program back in 2022, and since then, the school has transformed their playground into a vibrant and accessible space where everyone can play. This new playground is not just for the school’s 320 students but also for neighbouring families, daycares, and after-school care programs.

What sets this playground apart is its surface; half of it is crafted from 424 tires recycled right here in BC. This innovative pour-in-place recycled rubber surfacing is a remarkable addition to the wheelchair-accessible school. Other fantastic features include the artificial grass, which is placed over the rubber surfacing and carefully chosen to enhance sensory experiences, and an impressive Communication Board designed to promote inclusivity within the playground. Furthermore, the design and planning of this playground were carefully executed to align with the preferences of the students. Their input played a significant role in determining the features of the playground, including the inclusion of a zipline, monkey bars, and climbing nets. Moreover, the climbing tower’s initial three levels are designed to be accessible-friendly, as they facilitate climbing using upper body strength.

Situated in a densely populated area of Vancouver, this playground now serves over 4,500 households, providing a safe and inclusive space for children and adults alike to play and interact together.

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Supporting Communities Through the TSBC Community Grant Program

With many supporters making this project possible, the TSBC Community Grant Program contributed a portion of the funding for this project. The program supports the creation of accessible and inclusive playgrounds across the province by using recycled rubber from old tires which also promotes environmental sustainability within BC.

To date, the TSBC Community Grant Program has supported over 341 projects in more than 90 communities across BC, enhancing public spaces with accessible surfacing. Simon Fraser Elementary’s new playground is a shining example of how amazing community efforts can make a real difference.

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