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Industry Corner

How to Register


All retailers who sell or offer for sale the tires described in the Recycling Regulation are required to participate in a tire product stewardship program approved by the Ministry of Environment. A registration form is available by:

Upon registration you will be mailed a registration certificate indicating your registration number in addition to documentation that will include a detailed schedule of the tire types and the corresponding Advance Disposal Fees along with a remittance form. The registration number given must be used on all TSBC related documentation.

If you have been remitting the Advance Disposal Fees to the Ministry of Finance in error you can claim a refund using the form “general refund application (PDF)“ FIN 355 which can be found at under “Refund Application Forms”.

Scrap Tire Generators:

This refers to sites that only generate scrap tires. For example landfill sites, auto wrecking yards etc. A registration form is available by:

Upon registration you will be mailed a confirmation letter indicating your registration number that must be used on all TSBC related documentation.

Please follow the guidelines in the Transfer Station document to qualify for pickup.

Processors and Manufacturers:

Processors – please refer to the following policy document for information on processor registration – Becoming a Processor.

Current status: TSBC is currently not accepting processor applications. Any change to this status will be reflected in this section of our web site.

Manufacturers - please contact us for more information and a registration package at 1.866.759.0488

A complete listing of TSBC’s program policies can be viewed below under “Already Registered”.

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List of Registered Participants

Processors & Manufacturers

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Already Registered?


You can download the following information from this site:

Current Fillable ADF Return Form “NEW!”
Current (non fillable) ADF Return form

Previous month's ADF Return forms

Jan to Nov 2007
Dec 2007
Jan 2008 to May 2010
Jun 2010 to Feb 2013

These forms can be photocopied and used for each monthly remittance.

Schedule A: This document outlines the specific tire types included and excluded in the Regulation, provides definitions for further clarity and the Advance Disposal Fees by Tire Type.

Retailer Remittance Guidelines: This document provides detailed information on remittance procedures including applicable tires sales, exemptions, due dates, contact information etc.

Tipping Fee Policy: The tipping fee policy is outlined on page 4 of the Program Policies document.

GST Ruling: This document is the 2007 ruling from CRA that rules on the GST/HST applicability within the various transactions included in TSBC's program, specifically the GST/HST ruling on ADFs remitted by retailers to TSBC.

Frequently Asked Questions: As you are aware, Tire Stewardship BC is required to conduct compliance reviews of a sampling of retailers, on a regular basis. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all those retailers who have participated in the reviews. It was a pleasure meeting you all and your co-operation was very much appreciated. We look forward to meeting many more of you in the future. In addition we would like to share with you some common errors and questions that have arisen as part of these reviews.

Processors and Manufacturers:

Program Policies: This document outlines the summary of policies by program. Please note that all policies are subject to review and revision from time to time at TSBC’s sole discretion.

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