TSBC Teams Up With Sea Smart To Educate and Inspire
Sea Smart

TSBC Teams Up With Sea Smart to Educate and Inspire

TSBC Teams Up With Sea Smart to Educate and Inspire

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We are thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between Tire Stewardship BC and Sea Smart, a Vancouver-based charity dedicated to fostering a profound connection with the ocean through innovative educational initiatives.

At Tire Stewardship BC, we’ve long been committed to responsible tire recycling, having processed over 100 million tires since our inception in 1991. But our mission extends beyond recycling; we believe in educating the next generation to become stewards of their environment.

Image: A photo of one of our successful Community Grant Program projects featuring the logos of Tire Stewardship BC and Sea Smart.

Sea Smart shares this vision wholeheartedly. With their innovative programs and educational resources, they strive to ignite a passion for the ocean and environment among youth and empower them to become advocates for marine and nature conservation.

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Through our partnership with Sea Smart, we aim to bring an educational experience to young students in British Columbia. Our joint efforts will not only raise awareness about tire recycling but also educate students on resource care, local circularity, and the important role they play in spreading this knowledge within their communities.

Tire Stewardship BC has awarded over $6.1 million in Community Grants, supporting 341 projects in 94 communities throughout BC. Now, with the support of Sea Smart, we’re poised to make an even greater impact.

Primary School Teachers (K-7) in Metro Vancouver: Stay tuned as we reveal more details on this exciting partnership on April 22.

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