Tire Collection Events are Back for 2024!

Tire Collection Events are Back for 2024!

Tire Collection Events are Back for 2024!

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Tire collection events return to BC earlier this year to help residents get rid of old or unused tires before the summer heat hits. In 2023, over 6,000 old tires were collected and recycled through tire collection events held in communities across BC. 

This year, in anticipation of the upcoming fire season and in response to last year’s fires and the associated fire hazards linked to exposed tires in hot environments, our Return to Retailer (R2R) participants are proactively hosting events.  

“When the weather warms and the seasons change, so should your tires,” said Rosemary Sutton, Executive Director, Tire Stewardship BC. “When the temperature is regularly above seven degrees, it’s time to switch out your winter tires and store them covered in a cool, dry place or drop them off at one of our collection events so that they can be recycled.”

Once tires are collected, they are recycled and turned into new, useful products that circle back into British Columbia’s economy, such as: playground surfaces, athletic tracks, and commercial flooring and roofing. Rubber and steel is also recovered in the tire recycling process.

“With fire season upon us, it is important not to leave old or unused tires lying around at home,” added Sutton. “They can also become a breeding ground for mosquitoes once rainwater collects inside. We encourage any resident with tires lying around their property to either drop them off at one of our collection events this spring or summer, or to search for a return-to-retailer location on our website and drop them off at any point throughout the year at a location that is convenient for them.”

Some of this year’s tire collection events will feature BBQs, with the purpose of welcoming visitors to explore registered tire collection locations (R2Rs) and learn about the benefits of responsibly disposing of old tires. 

Image: An infographic illustrating the journey of responsible tire disposal. 

Dropping off tires at registered locations contributes to numerous benefits for the province. By recycling rubber, old tires are given a new life, creating products such as playground surfacing, athletic tracks, farm mats, and more. This process not only reduces landfill waste, but also contributes to resource conservation by recovering rubber, steel, and fabric.

These products play an important role in the provincial circular economy, reintegrating materials into the local recycling and production processes and creating over 175 direct jobs. This program also prevents disease-carrying mosquito breeding by eliminating potential breeding grounds. 

Tire collection events will be added and updated regularly. Please visit this page for the latest event dates and locations.

If you’re ready to recycle your tires now, you can take them to a location near you. Recycle your tires today.

If you wish to get in touch with our Events Coordinator to set up a tire collection event in your area, please email retailers@tsbc.ca.  

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