Tire Recycling Awareness School Session Celebrates Earth Day

Tire Recycling Awareness Session Celebrates Earth Day at Mission Elementary School

Tire Recycling Awareness Session Celebrates Earth Day at Mission Elementary School

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Our partnership with ARTist Response Team (ART) – Voices of Nature, led by Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright, brought Tire Stewardship BC (TSBC) and Interchange Recycling to Ecole Christine Morrison Elementary School in Mission, BC. Together, we aimed to ignite awareness around tire recycling, connect with students involved in the Voices of Nature program, and emphasize the crucial role children play in promoting ecological stewardship across communities in BC.

On Earth Day, April 22, 2024, over 100 enthusiastic students from grades 2 to 5, alongside their teachers and four presenters, gathered for an unforgettable session. Holly and Kevin from the ART team provided lively music, while TSBC and Interchange Recycling presented information about the stewardship programs. The students engaged in live performances and interactive presentations. They also watched the captivating sketch and music video “Tire Spotting“, which underscored the importance of proper tire disposal.

TSBC illustrated the journey of collected tires in BC, highlighting the recycling process that takes place in the province, and emphasized the importance of reclaiming unused tires lurking in backyards or garages by dropping them off at designated collection points through TSBC’s Return-to-Retailer program. Teacher Chris Schaufert expressed gratitude, saying, “Thank you for the work that you do to support music and look after Mother Earth.”

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The students’ engagement was nothing short of remarkable, as they eagerly participated, posing questions like, “Do tires rot?” and, “How long has the program been around?”, and sharing anecdotes of helping neighbours dispose of tires responsibly and watching the hauler truck drive through their neighbourhood.

We want to extend our thanks to ARTist Response Team, our partner Interchange Recycling, teacher Chris Schaufert, and the incredible Ecole Christine Morrison Elementary School students for making this wonderful experience with Tire Stewardship BC possible. Every tire counts! With approximately 90% of tires collected in BC being recycled and turned into new products, education and awareness efforts are making a tangible difference in preserving our environment.

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