Infographic: Are Drivers in BC Looking to Recycle Their Old Tires?

Infographic: Are Drivers in BC Looking to Recycle Their Old Tires?

Infographic: Are Drivers in BC Looking to Recycle Their Old Tires?

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Drivers in BC are becoming more aware of the impacts their actions have on the environment, and the benefits of tire recycling. As a result, we’re seeing an increase in searches for tire recycling drop-off locations around the province. According to the Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC), searches have increased by 65% in 2023, compared to 2022.


You don’t have to be purchasing new tires to return your old ones to a tire retailer in your area. Through our Return-to-Retailer (R2R) program, you can drop off up to 4 tires (clean and off the rims*) to be recycled free of charge. Simply visit this page, select the type of tire you want to recycle, and then discover a tire recycling location closest to you. We recommend calling ahead to ensure the retailer still has space to accept your tires.

Making this small effort means that your old tires will be kept out of landfills, and instead recycled into new and useful things like safer playground surfaces, sturdy running tracks, or even much-needed, environmentally-friendly feeding pans for farm life.

* Note: if a location accepts tires on rims, a fee will apply as rims are not part of the Tire Stewardship BC program.


Tire retailers, or those stores and shops that sell or service motor vehicle tires, can register through TSBC to become members of our tire recycling program. The program is voluntary, a way for businesses to help keep BC’s environment free of scrap tires.

TSBC officially launched the Return-to-Retailer program in May 2008 to provide consumers with a free alternative to disposing of their tires. There are cases where a consumer has tires at home that they wish to dispose of and with this type of program in place they can so in an environmentally responsible manner. To date, there are over 1,000 R2R locations across the province.


In our latest infographic, you’ll find stats on search tools, tire types, and most importantly, where to go to find more information on tire drop-off locations, our community events and programs, and where to go to stay updated on the latest news and updates related to the tire industry and recycling in BC.

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