400 Students Sing For The Earth and Tire Recycling

Hundreds of Students Sing for the Earth and Tire Recycling

Hundreds of Students Sing for the Earth and Tire Recycling

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On June 6, 2024, the community of Ecole Christine Morrison Elementary in Mission witnessed an extraordinary concert as 400 spirited students, alongside performers from Éy St’elmexw St’elt’ílém – Good Medicine Songs, graced the school grounds with a concert titled I’xel Sq’eq’otel/Pulling Together. This gathering was an example of the power of unity, resilience, reconciliation, and belonging, conveyed through the universal language of music.

For a decade now, we at Tire Stewardship BC and our friends at Interchange Recycling have been proud supporters of ARTist Response Team, the group behind this initiative. Together, we recognize the transformative potential of music in education and community engagement.

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During the concert, bilingual songs blended the traditional language of the Stó:lō First Nation, Halq’eméylem, with English. These songs found inspiration from cultural narratives, promoting awareness of the bond between humanity and the Earth, and emphasized the significance of environmental stewardships. Integral to the performances was a lively jingle aimed to raise awareness of tire recycling in BC. You can watch the video below to experience it firsthand!

At the heart of this musical performance lies Éy St’elmexw St’elt’ílém – Good Medicine Songs, a project uniting Indigenous and non-Indigenous talents under the guidance of the Spiritual Guide and Language Holder, Dr. Siyamiyateliyot Elizabeth Phillips, of Cheam First Nation. Dr. Phillips, the last fluent speaker of Halq’eméylem, has dedicated her life to preserving this language—a mission she has pursued since childhood.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the students, teachers, musicians, the Spiritual Guide, and the ARTist Response Team. In the harmonious notes of their melodies and performances, we find inspiration, unity, and community.

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